AllSaints Makes My Heart Skip a Beat

November has been a month of discoveries for me, and one of those discoveries was a brand called AllSaints. I first heard of it when I saw Lucy Liu wearing a variety of its garments on Elementary. AllSaints is a British retailer with a cool and edgy style. One of the things I really love is the versatility of the pieces. When purchasing new additions to my wardrobe, I’m the type of person who expects them to last for years to come. I like being able to integrate them into countless different looks and AllSaints feels as if they design with that in mind.

My top AllSaints picks:


Hyde Monument Coat, $650.00


Window Top, $75.00


Zaphir Dress, $360.00


Kayla Shirt, $140.00

Most of the designs are based on structural elements. They are generally sold in muted colors, but their shapes and textures make them immensely far from boring. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to splurge on an AllSaints garment or two someday. Have any of my top picks caught your eye? They certainly have mine.


Axel Leather Biker Jacket, $725.00


Raffi Leggings, $75.00


Hafbec Dress, $215.00


Mast/Slashed Grey, $160.00

Thanks for reading! XOXO,


(I was not asked to promote this brand. It’s one of my personal favorites and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. Photos courtesy of



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