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My Style Icons – Part 2

Finally, It’s part two of my style icons series! I was at a major indecision about who to feature next, but I’ll have to save the rest for part three.

Melanie Martinez

I personally discovered an up and coming musician recently by the name of Melanie Martinez. She was a contestant on season three of The Voice and has since released her debut EP, Dollhouse. Martinez’s song Carousel continues to be on my iPod’s repeat cycle. Her fashion sense blends retro with modern alternative flair. From oversized bows to doll heads to her signature two-toned hair, it’s hard to believe that Martinez is just getting started.





The entire Alexander McQueen brand

If I had to choose a favorite fashion design house, it would have to be Alexander McQueen. Despite McQueen’s tragic death back in 2010, the brand has stayed strong in the capable hands of its current head designer, Sarah Burton. The surprising elegance and essence of surrealism that the brand delivers is pure artistry. The amount of precise detailing that goes into the garments makes the already innovative looks all the more special. I always look forward to the design house’s runway show during fashion week.



Ready to Wear Fall 2013


Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

alexander mcqueen red dress visor shades off face

Fall 2012 Ad Campaign


Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2013

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Link to Part 1. (Photos courtesy of Google Images.)